Health Insurance Helper: Affordable Family Business Coverage Plan Help

Are you – YOUR BUSINESS – YOUR FAMILY – in need of Health Insurance Advice? Sounds like you need the Health Insurance Helper! Ever wonder how other owner operators find Affordable Health Care Coverage Plans? You know that life can be unpredictable (and trucking is certainly no exception) so you do need medical coverage in case of an accident. Maybe the monthly healthcare premiums are too expensive, but what happens if you need to be hospitalized? As a busy car hauling business owner or auto transport driver, you know the risks of the road. With the right adviser to talk to, you’re finally ready to discuss your best Health Insurance Options right now. Meet Larry Blackmon, the Health Insurance Helper.

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33:45 Featured Interview: Larry Blackmon, the Health Insurance Helper, provides health insurance advice by discussing Affordable Healthcare Insurance Coverage Plans For Small Business Owners. Larry understand what it means to be a small business owner operator in need of health insurance and family medical insurance coverage. Trying to figure out if we need to repeal Obamacare universal healthcare and family medical leave options? As the Health Insurance Helper, Larry knows that trucking families are weighing the cost of types health care medical insurance plans (nationwide PPO network plans) and his goal is to advise people just like you on how best to obtain affordable trucking health insurance plans for owner operators and small business owners. To contact Larry for more info, you can call him at 972-217-0987 or visit him on Facebook at:

1:05:30 Health Insurance Helper (Larry Blackmon health insurance adviser) Live Panel Discussion with Tamara of S.H.E. Trucking and Ben at Hogan Transport. Tamara knows that being a trucking business owner operator means finding affordable healthcare – and that’s something she’s going to have to find on her own. Ben knows that managing a fleet of hundreds of trucks equates to hundreds of drivers with families relying on affordable health insurance and medical coverage. By the way, are you eating healthy in your truck?

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