Haulers: Documentary Movie Trailer

Official Release Date: Monday July 29, 2013 at http://www.oakdalecowboymuseum.org/index.html

Haulers http://www.kevinfoxfilms.com/Haulers.html A documentary film by Kevin Fox.

It’s a wild ride with modern day drovers who are the back bone to the cattle industry. Speed is everything for these Big Rig Cowboys, but it takes experience and a special skill to move livestock from pasture to plate without losing a pound.

Like the 1800’s cattle drives of the west that made the Cowboy the worldwide iconic image of the American, these modern Cattle Haulers are a bread all their own and are the lifeline for the beef ranchers of today’s “cow towns” across the Golden State.

Today Beef is a $9.8 billion a year business and the fifth largest agricultural commodity in the State. Once the top cattle feeding state in the nation, California’s feedlots have declined in number over the last several decades due to over regulation and the exodus of beef processing facilities from the state. Yet, the consumer demand for beef has remained steady.

These four families created a niche for themselves with a specialized skill in the trucking industry. Today, these self made companies face many of the same challenges to survive as the California Rancher with an uncertain future.

Executive Producer: Oakdale Cowboy Museum
Produced & Directed By Kevin Fox

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