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Imagine that your trucking life and your car hauling business are the same. Because if you work in the Car Hauling Industry, they probably are. That’s why this live show is called “Car Hauling Business = Life”. So let’s talk about trucking life.

So many new car haulers contact me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, my blog site and through email. They tell me they want to start car hauling as an owner operator, but they have many car hauling question about how to get started and what to expect in auto hauling. Since I wrote a blog post about the 20 Steps To Start Car Hauling and the FMCSA has a 162-page PDF called Improving Carrier Safety, the road map to getting started is rather straight-forward. (Plus, you need a lot of money). But the question of what to expect day-in and day-out of car hauling is a little bit more challenging. So this show is all about the car hauler life and what to expect as an auto transport owner operator.

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42:40 QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who Does Your Dispatching?
Is it you that books the cars and does the dispatching? Or do you hire a dispatcher to take care of the dispatching? Or do you have a family member to handle the dispatching for your car hauling business? Please comment below.

49:00 CAR HAULING BUSINESS = LIFE: The Words Of The Show
Morning. Parking. Money. Truckstop. Shower. Phone. Coffee. Breakfast. Fuel. News. Social Media. Cars. Updates. Loads. Dispatch. Route. Mapping. Planning. Cost. Profit. Customers. Locations. Roads. Weather. Calls. Price. Negotiation. Schedule. Equipment. Maintenance. Trucking. On Duty. Pre-Trip DVIR. Driving. Pick Up. Inspection. Strapping. Traffic. Family. Friends. Music. Photos. Entertainment. Information. Opinions. Beliefs. Bills. Insurance. Value. Sacrifice. Safety. Burden. Hope. Food. Isolation. Loneliness. Delivery. Post Trip. Off-Duty. Rest. Growth. Sleep

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