What Makes Dispatching So Hard? Booking Cars On Load Boards Looks Easy

This live show is called “What Makes Dispatching So Hard???”. Many new car hauling businesses ask me to be their load board dispatcher – and I appreciate that. But it’s very important to me (and to the Auto Transport industry) that we all understand what really goes into the dispatching job that makes it so difficult using load boards – and so necessary. In addition to providing own Top 10 Reasons “What Makes Dispatching Is So Hard,” I also asked other car hauling dispatchers to send me their list of auto transport dispatch problems – and thus the “Mug O’ Dispatch Problems” was born.

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6:27 Mug O’ Dispatcher Complaints introduction – auto transport business dispatching issues and real dispatch problems

1:01:05 Jay’s Top 10 Reasons: What Makes Dispatching So Hard???

#1) YOU FIND YOURSELF PRAYING YOU GET THROUGH ANOTHER WEEK. Dispatching can be so hard and so unprofitable at times. What’s the solution?

#2) IT’S 24/7 AND YOU LAY AWAKE WONDERING IF YOU SCREWED UP. Is there something better on the load board? Should I have booked that INOP? Will the driver make it?

#3) DRIVERS EXPECT YOUR ATTENTION, BUT ONE DRIVER IS NOT ENOUGH TO LIVE ON. Full time dispatching is extremely time intensive. But how do you juggle several drivers at once?

#4) MOST LOADS ON LOAD BOARDS ARE TOO CHEAP FOR DRIVERS – MORE TIME WASTED. Booking cars is the assumption, but the frustrating load board negotiation is the real head ache.

#5) NEGOTIATING WITH BROKERS FEELS LIKE POINTLESS BEGGING AND WASTED TIME. Car haulers need money to cover their costs and the dispatcher is expected to get more money from the auto transport broker every time.

#6) THE AMOUNT INCORRECT INFORMATION WITHIN ONE DISPATCH IS MIND BOGGLING! The auto transport broker dispatch sheet is full of dispathing errors. Every Week.

#7) CONSTANT STRESS AND ANXIETY ABOUT LOADS, BROKERS, DRIVERS & MONEY. Auto transport business and booking off load boards is jam packed with stress and worry!

#8) THE SAME DRIVER TALK EVERY DAY ABOUT “WHAT ABOUT THE BACK HAUL?” A dispatcher knows a car hauler needs to return to their house. same thing as yesterday.

#9) BROKER PACKETS, INSURANCE CERTS + A MILLION OTHER WAYS TO MISS LOADS. Great loads on load boards don’t last long enough to wait for all the paperwork.

#10) YOU HAVE TO WATCH SEVERAL SCREENS ALL DAY, EVERY DAY – AND DIAL FAST! And then the auto broker says they’re dispatching that car right now.

1:37:30 Mevo is a Car Hauler that used to do his own dispatching but has hired a dispatcher service to book his loads and he loves what they do for him.

1:51:35 Mike is a car hauling dispatcher that knows the auto transport load board booking problems very well.

2:11:10 Paul runs an auto transport business and works directly with car shipping customers and auto transport brokers.

2:47:10 Davison is also a dispatcher with experience booking off load boards and knows many car hauling load board problems.

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