What Makes Brokering So Hard? Auto Transport Broker Business Easy?

This auto transport car shipping live show is called “What Makes Brokering So Hard???”. Many new car hauling business owner operators, new car shipping customers and busy auto transport dispatchers wonder what an auto transport broker actually does – and why they think they can charge so much for connecting a new auto transport customer to the actual car transport company. So…what do auto transport brokers actually have to worry about?

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54:44 Jake The Broker – an interview with an auto transport broker about what brokers do day-to-day, how the interact with car shipping customer leads and car haulers – and about their auto transport business concerns.

2:14:35 THE FEARS OF AN AUTO TRANSPORT BROKER – FULL LIST. If you’re an auto transport broker, then you know these fears and concerns. If you’re not a broker, take a moment to step in their shoes.

#1 WILL I GET THIS CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS? An auto transport broker needs a car shipping customer to choose them to connect them with a car hauler. The stress of being able to convert a new car shipping lead into a paying customer is the first order of an auto transport brokering business.

#2 DID I CHARGE ENOUGH? After an auto transport broker gets the car shipping customer’s business, the urge to wonder if they charged enough for the transport was high enough.

#3 WILL I FIND A REPUTABLE CARRIER? If there are many car haulers to choose from on a route, the car shipping broker wants to be sure they get the best car hauler and not necessarily the first carrier to call to book the load.

#4 HOW MUCH TIME & ATTENTION WILL THIS TRANSPORT REQUIRE AFTER I DISPATCH? Educating a car shipper up front about the transport can help alleviate multiple phone calls and transport questions that may continue to come if they feel uncertain about the transport.

#5 WILL THERE BE GOOD DRIVER / CUSTOMER RAPPORT OR WILL THERE BE TROUBLE? Not everyone gets along. Sometimes customer expectations exceed what the auto transport broker or car hauling business believe to be standard. And sometimes residential customers do not get along with the dispatcher and/or driver.

#6 WILL THERE BE ANY DAMAGE OR PAYMENT ISSUES DURING OR AFTER DELIVERY? Now the the car has been picked up, the next concern is often whether the trucking company will damage the car or be able to maintain their estimated delivery window. Many shipping customers get very anxious during this period of uncertainty – which can fall back into #4 – the amount of time and attention the auto transport broker must spend with the car shipper.

#7 WILL I GET REFERRALS OR FUTURE BUSINESS AND/OR POSITIVE RATINGS & REVIEWS FROM THIS CUSTOMER? Now that the transport is complete and the car hauler has finished the job, the auto transport broker hopes to acquire more business from the customer. This will greatly improve the time spent during the first transport and also build a stronger relationship with the car hauling business that completed the job.

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