Trucking is not what is use to be -Trucker Steve

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I spent two decades traveling nearly 3 million miles having a blast as a professional truck driver. In the last 10 years of my trucking career I created content, sharing stories of my travels. Improving the image of professional truck drivers and inspiring countless others to start a career in the trucking industry.

In 2007 My Video “I Love Trucking” was featured on the front page of youtube, going viral. Google invited me to be one of the first 500 youtube partners and my channel slowly turned into a small media business. Collecting revenue from ad sense, direct sponsorship on my blog/videos and digital marketing consulting fees.

In 2013, I founded a career tech company getabettertruckingjob. We helped 7000+ professional truck drivers improve their income by over 30% in our first year. Acquired in 2015 by a private investor, I went on to follow a more creative endevour as a full-time film maker and digital marketing professional at Knight Transportation.