Truckers: A Road Well Traveled (Part 4)

Truckers: A Road Well Traveled (2001 Canada)
You’re Right, You Ride, We Ride!
Keep on Truckin
Greetings from the Dutch drivers
Genre: Documentary about Truckers live in Canada and North America
“Day or night, there are about 4 million trucks on North American roads, criss-crossing the continent with an endless flow of goods. It appears to be a simple job, but for those who drive big rigs for a living, life on the road takes its toll. This documentary takes a fascinating look at the lives of several long-haul drivers, mixing behind-the-scenes footage with lively interviews. Sharing their stories are Stu Lorencz and Ed Lockwood, whose route takes them through the Arctic, and Don Lee, who drives a lengthy circuit from Canada through the United States.”
Director: Tom Dodd
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