Transport Business Coaching Drives Trucking Company Freedom To Change

Do you believe change is good? How do you know if bad change is disguised as good change? Losing a client is bad, but learning is good. That’s a good change! So business is also a head game. You need to focus. It’s a mental challenge. Requiring experience to help you save time (and money). So who are you listening to? Where do you get your advice? Do you have a mentor – or a coach? Because at times, we all need a mentor or expert to help us clear out thoughts – someone to talk to and gain new perspective – and to help us recognize that change is good. That’s one way transport business coaching can drive your trucking company freedom to change. So let’s talk.

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You want to build your Car Hauling Business but you don’t know who to talk to? Should you buy a semi or a 1-ton truck? Do you need a Car HaulingDispatcher? What’s the best way to negotiate with an Auto Transport Broker? It’s time for real Auto Transport Business Strategy. It’s time to get CTS Transport Business Coaching. Visit

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36:00 Dave Williams of Clarksville Trucking discuss my changes in Car Hauling Dispatching.

1:37:00 J.D. Eufuala calls into the show and offers his school of hard knocks transport business coaching!

2:00:00 Mike Miller of F.N. Wright joins the show and he’s excited to dicuss and share the great dispatching services he is provided by East West Express Hauling LLC dispatch services.

2:48:50 John Bloom, owner / driver of Palidin Enterprises share a great story about the scorned lover King Ranch (aka the “Carrie Underwood ‘Before He Cheats’ Limited Edition F-150)

CTS (Car Transport Services) Transport Business Coaching


Nearly every day, a new car hauling business owner is just getting started – while at the same time another car hauler is finally calling it quits. So why such a high turnover in auto transport if there are thousands of cars being shipped nationwide every day? Is it the rates, fuel, load boards, time, competition, licensing, expenses, weather, workload, insurance, or something else? Well, yes, it’s all of that. But a lot more! Because the #1 reason why many car haulers go out of business has a lot to do with a lack of repeat customer income strategy.

To be fair, creating profitable and long-term business relationships is not a simple formula (anyone in business knows that). Plus, the type of customer (whether B2B or B2C) that best suits your business will be a big factor. What will you do when your new customer needs you right away, but their demand is beyond your supply? How will you build a reliable business network?

The answer is: relationships. That’s why we created CTS (Car Transport Services) Transport Business Coaching.

We want to help you succeed in Car Hauling because we care about the Auto Transport Industry. To learn more, visit our CTS business coaching website at where you can submit your information, schedule an appointment, email us or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

I regularly talk about the Auto Transport Industry Ecosystem – which includes: Car Shipping Customers, Car Hauling Businesses, Car Hauling Dispatchers and Auto Transport Brokers. But many still wonder, “What’s an Auto Transport Broker do?” Answer: The auto transport broker helps educate and facilitate the process for the auto transport business owner, the trucking business driver and the car hauling dispatcher. (It’s kind of a big deal).

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– Jay, The Car Hauling Dispatcher