The Transport American Dream To Start Trucking Business Owner Operator

Why get into trucking? Why do you even have start trucking business plans in your mind? Is it that you heard being a trucking business owner operator will make you good money? Can you make money trucking? Do you want to be your own boss? Is it your American Dream to own your own business trucking? Maybe your love cars and trucks? Or maybe it’s the trucking life of travel that you think is exactly the change you need…

Interview guests on “Transporting An American Dream: Start Trucking Business Owner Operator” are (including interview start times – click the time to jump ahead!):

22:10 Dave of Clarksville Trucking – Make Money Trucking and Get Paid
36:23 Chris of Pull Dog Transport – Start Car Hauling Business
53:17 Mark of Trucking Answers – Have a Trucking Business Plan
1:11:42 Serge The Car Hauler – Start Car Hauling and Succeed
1:35:33 Paul of MACS Auto Hauler – Start Car Hauling Dispatching Services
2:00:05 Hotshot Dave – Hotshot Trucking Business Plan Essentials

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For this show, I have identified 5 elements that I believe comprise my “Transporting An American Dream: Start Trucking Business Owner Operator” theme. They are:

💰 1) Potential for good income and to make money trucking. For many new truckers, earning a six figure income is a real goal and an attainable goal. Let’s talk about trucking income.

💯 2) Independent owner operator – be your own boss. If there ever was a job motivator, being your own boss is it. We all want to be the boss and owner. To create and succeed.

🌞 3) The american dream is to start a business and pass it onto your family. Many truckers come from a trucking family and a long line of drivers and owners. And the best part of the dream to own your own business is to pass it onto your family so they can continue the trucking business legacy. This is a classic part of the American Dream.

❤ 4) For the love of cars and machinery. Some people really like cars (most people drive cars) and then others (maybe you) absolutely love cars! In addition, some people are so good at working with their hands and fixing trucks they seem destined to be mechanics. If that sounds like you, then you might have the passionate to start a trucking business.

😀 5) Live a trucking life of travel and meeting other people. Some people are office workers and others have to be outside to feel right. Maybe you need to see the glory of the United States and talk to real people to feel right. If your downtime and your uptime is traveling and seeing the country, truck driving might be an excellent career choice.

Make Money Trucking Industry – Start Trucking Business Owner Operator – Hotshot Trucking Business Plan

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