Ship My Car! Ask Jay, The Car Hauling Dispatcher, Auto Transport Intel

Yes, THERE’S A SQUARE ON MY FACE! Welcome to my first live show on Auto Transport Intel and first episode of “Tuesday Nights Live”. I’m sorry about the BLUE SQUARE ON MY FACE but I’m stilling trying to figure out how to use the camera while live. So here we goes: Central Dispatch Load Board Load Searching Live on Auto Transport Intel!

By the way, if you’re a new car shipping customer and searching Google with questions like “How do I ship my car?” you might also be interested in this free Central Dispatch load board tutorial. Because (as you will see) it may not matter what auto transport broker you hire, nearly all posted auto transport loads end up in the same place anyways. What’s that place? The Central Dispatch Auto Transport Load Board.

As a Car Hauling Dispatcher, you certainly need to know how to use Central Dispatch load board for load searching. So my goal in this live Auto Transport Intel show is to demonstrate how to search for loads in real time and provide load board searching tips and Central Dispatch advice about how you can use Central Dispatch to route scout for new loads and keep your car hauler laoded. Car Shipping is tough – you already know that. As an Owner-Operator, surprises are everywhere. Having a good partner helps a lot. So if you work alone, a good dispatcher can help you improve profitability – as well as efficiency.

During this Car Hauling Dispatcher live show, I happen to be booking cars out of Houston for my 3-car wedge driver, John. I’m searching for loads on Central Dispatch headed towards Ohio and PA and texting auto transport brokers – because a car hauler’s dispatch shift does not end until the car transporter is booked! And the benefit to my live show audience is that you can watch me demonstrate best load board search practices, such as: using Load Search Filters, always selecting Highlighted On Top and Regional Search vs. City Search.

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Yes, this show is also designed to help you be a better Car Hauling Dispatcher! Every show I give away Car Hauler dispatching secrets and tips – so I recommend digging into my Auto Transport Intel video archive and learning about Dispatching for Car Haulers as much as you can – for FREE! If by chance your Car Hauling Business was mentioned in this live show and you don’t like it, leave a comment, and feel free to take it up with that person directly. This is an open forum and opinions are news. And maybe your opinion will be the next news topic.

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– Jay, The Car Hauling Dispatcher