Owner Operator Trucking Business Calculating Transport Cost Per Mile

This live show is called “Cost Per Mile”. The key to a successful trucking business is the ability to compare trucking company expenses per mile against trucking company gross revenue per mile – in order to calculate and identify trucking business profit per mile. For car haulers, this means not booking cars that pay less per mile than the minimum trip break-even calculation. So…do you know your Cost Per Mile?

Use a Cost Per Mile Formula to create a Cost Per Mile Excel Spreadsheet

Have you ever wondered, “How Do I Calculate My Cost Per Mile?” The first step is to add up the owner operator expenses as line items of your trucking business. By doing so, you are creating your trucking cost per mile spreadsheet. Don’t forget to include big expenses like: Truck Payment, Trailer Payment, Insurance, Fuel, Maintenance, Tolls, Parking, Food, Tires, and even Office Expenses, Cell Phone, Hot Spot Internet and Software. Then, when you total up all the trucking numbers of your trucking business expenses, you can divide by the total number of miles driven to calculate your cost per mile. By comparing cost per mile to pay per mile, your trucking business revenue profit margin begins to appear.

Owner Operator Expenses – Trucking Cost Per Mile Spreadsheet – Owner Operator Pay Per Mile

✅ Yes, this is my Cost Per Mile YouTube video because I want all dispatchers to understand how much owner operator expenses must be understood and recognized in order to truly calculate an accurate cost per mile formula. In fact, to keep track of cost per mile trucking expenses, using a cost per mile app can make the process more efficient and easier to manage. To learn more about the cost per mile app called My Trucking Numbers, check out my recent video called “Safety Compliance & Best CSA Scores w Glostone + MyTruckingNumbers.com”: https://youtu.be/awYIOUpmn1s

Calculate Per Mile Costs for your Car Hauling Business or Trucking Business today

Since we book loads on load boards and focus on the cents per mile pay, don’t we have to respect when the company says that it won’t cover their cost per mile? And what about the “deadhead” miles versus loaded miles? That can be an important part of the overall cost per mile formula and cost per mile trucking equation. You know the owner operator is thinking about the cost of operating their trucking business, so it’s much better to get on board with thinking about owner operator costs and overall trucking expenses. Don’t ignore cost per mile! Don’t make that mistake! Next time, be sure to consider…”COST PER MILE”. #costpermile #truckingbusiness #makemoneytrucking

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