Minivan intentionally hitting my semi??? You decide from what you see!!!

Watch the wide angle mirror. She intentionally hit me it appears. I have over $5000 damage to my truck. Now please remember that the video is high and in the middle of the window. Then you see a witness stop and he gave me his info. I had a vehicle following me as I was headed to the shop as my AC was out. I drove 3 days to get home because of the AC problem.
I must assume that this person wants a new vehicle as it was missing parts of its hood and more. Please note there had been a lot of rain recently and I did not wish to slide into the ditch due to a soft shoulder. There are 2 witnesses. It appears she matched speed and rammed me.

Opinions if this was intentionally done and if she might be trying to do whiplash tactics. I am not making any ID of the perpetrator.

69.2 kph is 42 MPH in a 45 zone