Load Board Rehab: Central Dispatch Ready Cars United Road Metrogistics

In the Auto Transport industry (today), there are 5 Top Car Hauling Load Boards for shipping cars. They are: Central Dispatch centraldispatch.com, Ready Logistics Ready Auto Transport 1Dispatch app ratloads.com, CarsArrive Network carsarrive.com, United Road Logistics URautoloads.com, Metrogistics metroloads.com. [Ship.cars is a close #6]. Dispatchers and owner-operators can visit these auto transport load board websites, review the car shipping load board search sign up process, learn more about what to expect when searching for loads and then get signed up with load boards for car haulers. But there’s only one problem. All of these auto transport load boards desperately need “Load Board Rehab” – and this auto transport load board episode is all about “why”.

✅ Car Hauling Dispatchers and Car Shipping Drivers want to know: What is AUTO TRANSPORT LOAD BOARD REHAB?

You’ve heard of an intervention, right? From time to time, we all need to get back to the drawing board and greatly improve something that has long been ignored. In the auto transport industry, nearly all car hauling load board software and car shipping technology is so old it seems broken. Here’s a list of what needs to be fixed:
– The Load Boards are Walled Gardens
– Load board search needs smarter load searching boxes
– Addressing the Central Dispatch “New Look” vs. The “Old Look”
– Central Dispatch screen auto resizing for mobile vs. PC is not user friendly
– Load Board search boxes don’t seem to remember anything
– Central Dispatch subscription price is way too high for owner-operators
– Why are there no email fields?
– Load board search results are not interactive
– The GUI is so primitive
– Load Board dispatch sheets can’t be electronically shared
– Central Dispatch has no mobile app and no way to dispatch to one
– Dispatched loads contain extremely unreliable information
– Load boards don’t have back haul buttons
– They is no free trial sand box
– Why use “crappy maps”?
– Repo lots need new incentives to get cars moved

✅ All 5 Top Car Hauling Load Boards have pros and cons to their current car hauling software and auto transport technology.

Central Dispatch centraldispatch.com:
Pro: #1 load board, saved searches, get company info and research a route
Con: too expensive, loads are cheap, primitive software, can’t interact online, dispatcher plays detective, lack of trust

Ready Logistics Ready Auto Transport 1Dispatch app ratloads.com: Pro: book loads online, bid to get more money, good mobile 1Dispatch app, saved searches, free 1Dispatch app, anybody can join, comchecks
Con: not enough loads, too much repo, set up takes way too long

CarsArrive Network carsarrive.com:
Pro: book cars arrive loads online, mostly newer used cars on carsarrive, good rates, call cars arrive to negotiate
Con: not enough carsarrive network loads, 20-day pay, comcheck fees

United Road Logistics URautoloads.com:
Pro: carmax to carmax loads, largest broker carrier, united road VTAS app getting better, many united road agents to call
Con: ultra primitive website, tough to navigate when you can’t reach the agent

Metrogistics metroloads.com:
Pro: primitive metroloads load board and not enough loads, sometimes good paying
Con: metroloads “MIX MIX”, unwillingness to negotiate, metroloads regularly underpriced, too much metroloads paperwork, too many metroloads phone calls

✅ BUT What if Google, Amazon or Uber made a Future Auto Transport Load Board? What could a really motivated development team do to make the very best auto transport load board of the future?! Is that what Ship.Cars will be? Is Ship.Cars a trend-setter? Do you already use ship.cars in your load board search?

Thank you Paul Brost for joining the show and giving car hauling trailer advice – and thank you James for letting us talk to you. Best of luck!

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