Leasing Onto A Trucking Company Scam? A Car Hauling Business Start Up

I had no idea that tonight’s Car Hauling Business Start Up live interview would turn into a Leasing On With A Trucking Company investigative report! You know, Car Carriers and Auto Transporters contact me at Auto Transport Intel for Car Hauling and Auto Transport Dispatch advice all the time. So when Junior sent me an email and said he wanted to talk about Auto Transport Dispatching, I followed up right away. In fact, I invited him to be on my show as a guest so we could discuss what good Car Transport Dispatching is really like. But then…

I have to admit. I know Vehicle Transport Dispatching. I’m not familiar with the details of Leasing On With A Trucking Company. So when Junior continued talking about his Lease Onto A Company problems, I was glad to see Hotshot Dave taking an initiative in the Live Chat to offer some real world advice. So I brought Hotshot Dave in on a conference call and the rest is Car Shipping history. So if you are considering Leasing On With A Trucking Company or Leasing On Owner Operators, and you want to do it properly, this live Auto Transport Intel episode is for you!

FREE TRUCKING COMPANY CHECK: https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/

TRUCKER LEGAL SERVICE: HELPFUL ADVICE FOR OWNER OPERATOR TRUCK DRIVERS https://www.smart-trucking.com/trucker-legal-service.html



Read my Auto Transport Business Startup blog: http://www.autotransportintel.com/car-hauling-dispatcher/how-to-start-new-auto-transport-business/

Let’s face it. Lately, it’s been freaking cold outside. And that means equipment breaks down and bodies get tired faster. And dedicated Car Haulers keep the rubber side down and keep delivering all of our cars. So this show is to recognize them and the hard work they do. And hopefully the next time you ship a car you understand what you’re paying for and why. This is not pizza delivery. #ThisIsCarHauling

A big part of this show comes from Facebook news and articles I see on the various Car Hauling groups. There’s funny stuff and then there’s serious stuff. And when My Auto Transport Intel Corps starts talking in the live chat, that’s when I know this show is firing on all cylinders. Thank you Mike Wilson for my second ever Super live Super Chat! It really means a lot. And yes, I will buy more Kool-Aid!

Dave has a lot of great videos on his site about what it takes to be a car hauler and many of the sacrifices you’ll need to make to succeed. I highly recommend that you visit Hotshot Dave on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5oHqU0SzspesWcaGkZJgGw He’s a hard worker and a smart business man. Like his videos and subscribe to his channel.

Yes, this show is also designed to help you be a better Car Hauling Dispatcher! Every show I give away secret and tips – so I recommend digging into my video archive and learning about Auto Transport as much as you can for FREE!

There are so many great car transport contacts and auto carriers in the Facebook News section of the show and I want to thank everyone for sharing their info. That’s awesome!

And if you’re a Car Shipping Customer, remember to go easy on the car hauler. It’s a hard job. Have questions? Email me or leave a comment. Want to be my next interview? Contact me or leave a comment.

If by chance your company was mentioned in this live show and you don’t like it, leave a comment, and feel free to take it up with that person directly. This is an open forum and opinions are news. And maybe your opinion will be the next news topic.

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Thank you Serge The Car Hauler https://www.youtube.com/user/SergeTheCarHauler and Hotshot Dave https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5oHqU0SzspesWcaGkZJgGw and CHYKKO D’Transporter https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi5sS4ix_39XssbOw9SpvHg for allowing me to use parts of your video in my intro.

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– Jay, The Car Hauling Dispatcher