K&B Transportation, Why I stayed.

As some of you know, when I came to K&B transportation I was planning on not working here for very long. Now I plan on staying here for a while and I actually encourage others who have enough expierence (1 year) and live in the hiring area (I show you in the video where they hire out of.) to check K&B out. Dont hesitate to ask me questions or to give K&B transportation a call. Also you can check out their website @ KBtransportation.com

If you do decide to give K&B a call, Make sure you tell em you say Abe’s Youtube Video!

My cell phone # (313) 461-7788 Call or Text at any time!
My Email – Aattallah18@gmail.com
K&B Transportation recruiting – 1-800-851-8651

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