How To Hot Shot Trucking Vlog: Drivers YouTube & Business Social Media

Does your trucking business use social media marketing to stay loaded and get new customers? Have you ever considered using a trucker vlog to reach more transport brokers and shippers to increase your hot shot trucking business? Why are there so many drivers youtube channels and doesn’t it seem like it’s improving their trucking business numbers? Maybe it’s time you thought more about business social media marketing tips? If so, then this is the Auto Transport Intel episode for you. #truckingsocialmedia #truckingvlog #truckingyoutube

✅ Let’s talk about Hot Shot Trucking Business 101 Social Media Marketing Tips – from the beginning…

Many new trucking business owner-operators often wonder, “What’s more important: 1) a hot shot trucking Facebook page, or 2) a trucking business website?” The short answer is: BOTH.

A trucking business website is the traditional business internet presence and online default location. This is where new transport customers can review your trucking business services and information, as well as see pictures and your hot shot trucking business plan. If you have a trucking blog, you might also have a wordpress page as part of your social media marketing. Trucking vloggers know that trucking business 101 puts a trucking business website domain at the top of their business social media marketing tips list.

And, owning a trucking business Facebook page allows you to connect on a personal level with new (and old) business contacts and provide a personal level of communication that can oftentimes secure the new transport relationship that ultimately leads to a sale (and repeat business). Over time, these relationships and word of mouth referrals can lead to sharing trucking business stories, which becomes the beginning of your new hot shot trucking business vlog or trucking blog.

John Bloom, Palidin Enterprises LLC, Facebook Trucker Vlog

My first guest of this episode is John Bloom, driver and owner operator of Palidin Enterprises LLC of Youngstown, OH. John encourages all auto transport brokers and vehicle shippers to visit his trucking business website for the most current updates of his location and pictures of the cars he is transporting. By visiting his Facebook trucker vlog, customers can contact him and experience that personal touch that most car shipping customers are seeking in a reliable carrier that is transparent in their business practice. To learn more about John’s car shipping business, visit him at:

Stephan Harz, Hot Shot Trucking Life, YouTube Freight Hauler Training and Facebook Hot Trucking Business Group Admin

My second guest was Stephan Harz, who not only creates his own drivers YouTube trucker vlog, but also oversees a hot shot trucking business social media Facebook page. He drives, trains, and shares knowledge with freight haulers everywhere and dives into the minutiae of trucking business 101. To learn more, visit: and


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