Hotshot Car Hauling: Auto Transport Business Startup How To Make Money

On, Hotshot Car Hauling is defined as “light commercial auto hauling comprised of a dually pick up truck with a 3-5 car auto transport trailer”. In addition, this is the new car hauling segment of the auto transport industry most aligned with an auto transport business start up searching for the answer of how to make money hauling cars.

Hotshot Car Hauling 101 is meant to be the education, learning and resources that are essential to helping a new car hauling hotshot businesses properly enter the auto transport industry and succeed as a transportation entity. Clearly there’s a lot more to hauling cars than just driving a truck. Plus, there’s a lot more to the auto transport industry than simply booking cars and delivering them.

Being a hotshot car hauler still requires the owner operator to obtain all proper FMCSA licensing and abide by state and federal DOT regulations. Auto transport brokers and car shipping customers fully expect the hotshot auto hauler to know what they are doing and be able to perfectly pick up and deliver their precious cargo. Most of all, car hauling insurance companies expect the hotshot transporter to conduct all business perfectly and without any damages or infractions. That’s a lot to live up to!

Paul Brost of teaches the basics of Hotshot Car Hauling and trains new auto transport industry entrants – and therefore he was perfect to be my first guest tonight. We discussed many of the key elements of hotshot car hauling – such as the right car hauler truck and auto transport trailer combinations, studying DOT regulations and FMCSA licensing and new carrier authority, working with load boards and auto transport brokers, proper loading of car hauling trailers and managing a full day of driving with full carrier compliance in mind. For more information, visit:

We then continued the hotshot car hauling 101 conversation with Hotshot Dave as he answered questions from a new hotshot car hauling entrant named Jacob. Jacob has a flatbed trailer and is weighing his options of getting into the auto transport industry or selling off his recently acquired trailer. Via speaker phone, we dove further into the basic principles of hotshot car hauling with a lot of participation from the audience via live chat.

My final interview of the evening was with Paul Roberts who drives a 2-car enclosed trailer and often transports motorcycles. Since transporting motorcycles is a specialty item and enclosed hauling can be quite different than hauling an open trailer, I found his take on the hotshot car hauling industry to be intriguing. In fact, we found ourselves discussing more of what often brings people to the auto transport industry; namely, Freedom and a Love for Cars.


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