Hot Shot Trucking Car Hauling Business CDL Training & Dispatcher Help

How do I get into Hot Shot Trucking? Can I make good money in the Car Hauling Business? Should I take CDL Training? Do I need a Dispatcher? I get asked one of these questions nearly every day, and so this week is dedicated to providing real and down-to-earth Hot Shot Help. So…do you need Hot Shot Help?

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30:23 Question Of The Day: Semi or Dually? (please answer in the comments)
It you’re looking to get into Hot Shot Trucking or the Car Hauling Business, should you start car hauling with a dually or should you get through CDL training school and plan on hauling with a semi?

33:00 Hot Shot Trucking Words of Encouragement – with Devvon. If you’re like him and building a new hot shot trucking business – getting your CDL training and you don’t pass the first time – don’t give up! Realize where you failed, make corrections, and get back on track. We also talk about the importance of driver health! For more great information from Devvon, visit his YouTube channel:

1:12:00 Hot Shot Loads: PJC Freight Haulers LLC provides Hot Shot Dispatching Services for Dry Vans, Reefers, Flatbeds, Stepdecks and Hotshots with Trailers. PJ and his Dallas office manager, Tracey, join the show to talk about the hot shot trucking business market and advice to freight hauling hot shot businesses looking for a better way to get hot shot load dispatching. To learn more about PJ’s hot shot load dispatching services, visit:

1:49:00 Hotshot Teamwork: Car Hauling Business and Hot Shot Trucking Load Dispatcher search continues for Grant’s flatbed and dually set up. But as a non-CDL driver, Grant knows that some dispatch services are unable to take him on as a client. Will he eventually seek CDL training school to move up to that level? The fact is, many car hauler businesses and hot shot trucking company owners do not have a CDL-A certification. To learn more, be sure to visit Grant Expeditious Haulerz on Instagram:

2:18:40 Transport Business Coaching: If you’re a new car hauler business, considering getting into car hauling, searching for the right equipment set up for running a hot shot trucking business or want to know why you should consider getting a CDL training school program, our transport business coaching sessions will help you weigh your options and strategize for your future in trucking. That’s why we created CTS (short for “Car Transport Services”).

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