Evilsizor: New Motor Carrier MC#, USDOT, Broker Authority & File BOC-3

With 20+ years experience in the Trucking Industry, Evilsizor & Associates has helped over 100,000 companies file New Motor Carrier Authority, file for Broker Authority, reinstate and update their Trucking Company Authority, file required BOC-3 Forms, and/or serve as the Process Agents in order to help Car Carriers, Freight Forwarders and Auto Transport Brokers stay compliant and up-to-date with FMCSA & USDOT regulations.

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27:26 Featured Company Interview with Penny Royston, Owner of Evilsizor & Associates. Penni presents webinars, goes live on Facebook, and now she’s an Auto Transport Intel Channel Sponsor. I’m proud to have the opportunity to bring this featured company interview to the car hauling industry – where she can answer your questions, help you get your new MC Authority set up, and help you get prepared for your DOT Audit. Need a Process Server?

1:08:52 Evilsizor & Associate Live Panel Discussion, with special guest, Rex Evilsizor, founder of Evilsizor & Associates. Also, joining this live discussion panel is Diane Yeschenko, Senior Sales Associate, at PFA Transportation Insurance & Surety Services. Evilisizor and PFA have worked alongside each other for years.

If you’re planning to get your new trucking company set up, Evilsizor & Associates has the motor carrier authority package you’re looking for. In fact, applying for and receiving your USDOT number and Motor Carrier (MC) Number is just the beginning. You’ll also need a BOC-3 Process Agent filing, which is a requirement (and law) mandated by the FMCSA.

✅ EVILSIZOR & ASSOCIATES is a Full Service Authority Company specializing in helping trucking companies get set up properly. To learn more about the Motor Carrier or Broker Authority application timeline, visit: https://www.evilsizor.co/

✅ PFA TRANSPORTATION INSURANCE & SURETY SERVICES helps freight brokers (and carriers!) stay compliant while brokering cargo to other haulers in the trucking industry. To learn more and talk to Diane in Sales, visit: https://pfaprotects.com/ or call (800) 595-2615.

✅ SUN COUNTRY TRAILERS is a Commercial Car Hauler Manufacturer that creates high-quality industrial-grade commercial car hauler trailers for busy car hauling business owners in the auto transport industry. If you want to learn more about Sun Country Trailers, call Ty at 417-483-2764, or visit: https://www.suncountrytrailers.com/

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