ELD Compliance with FleetUp ELD Solutions and DOT Regulations Expert

Although the FMCSA ELD Mandate DOT enforcement began December 18th of 2017, April 1st 2018 marks the true date when strict ELD Compliance turns a failure to comply with DOT Regulations into a much more serious consequence (such as possibly being put Out Of Service!) Therefore, the need for ELD Compliance to these DOT Regulations means that nearly all over-the-road motor carriers must adopt an ELD Solution to satisfy and comply with all aspects of new the FMCSA ELD Mandate. And FleetUp ELD Solutions is here to help make sure your ELD Device is fully compliant!

FleetUp ELD Solutions ( https://fleetup.com/ ) was kind enough to let me interview their FMCSA ELD Mandate and DOT Regulations Expert, Samuel Mayfield. Samuel brings years of experience from conducting thorough DOT Inspections and intense Motor Carrier Compliance consultations as well as continuing to go to great lengths to stay fully updated with the intricate ongoings of ELD Compliance and related educational materials. In fact, Samuel recommends that all owner-operators visit the FMCSA website ( https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/ ) and type “ETA Package” into the Search Box at the upper right. Click on the first search result “A Motor Carrier’s Guide to Improving Highway Safety” as a helpful resource for the various forms you will need to be familiar with and have on file for your Motor Carrier and Trucking Business.

And specifically to ELD Compliance, FleetUp ELD Solutions provides many resources for those in need of ELD Mandate education and DOT Compliance, including:

FREE ELD Compliance & ELD Webinars: https://fleetup.com/webinar-eld-compliance/

An ELD Solutions “Getting Started” Guide: http://fleetup.com/guide/

ACCESS to ELD Mandate FAQ Videos: https://fleetup.com/eld-mandate/

ELD Mandate and FMS Resources: https://fleetup.com/resources/

Ask Samuel Mayfield Your Own Question: https://fleetup.com/faqs/

Compare the 3 FleetUp Packages: https://fleetup.com/solutions/command/

And, of course, Excellent Support! https://truelite.freshdesk.com/support/home

FleetUp ELD Solutions has also introduced the first Voice Over HOS Solution to help new users quickly become familiar with and effectively use the FleetUp ELD Solution. Read more about it: https://fleetup.com/news/press-releases/fleetup-introduces-first-voice-over-hours-of-service-vohos-solution-to-proactively-notify-drivers-of-eld-mandate-compliance-violations/

FREE TRUCKING COMPANY CHECK: https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/

Read my Auto Transport Business Startup blog: http://www.autotransportintel.com/car-hauling-dispatcher/how-to-start-new-auto-transport-business/

The Electronic Logbook is here and you must use an ELD electronic logging device in your truck to pass the DOT inspection. You do not want to risk being put Out of Service. The ELD Mandate 2018 ELD deadline has arrived. ELD enforcement and DOT Regulations are moving forward per the ELD Mandate. The FMCSA believes they are improving highway safety. It’s time to get serious about an ELD solutions review.

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