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Do You Need a CDL to be a Car Hauler? Let’s talk about it. An Owner-Operator is transporting your car and wants to deliver it more than you can imagine. It’s not just a passion; it’s survival. So this live show is dedicated to the transport drivers behind the wheel – that work hard and put in the hours – so we can enjoy our cars and not have to worry about all the little things that can go wrong on the road and cost extra time, sweat and money. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the show.

First, I want to thank Mike at East-West Express Hauling for helping out a driver in need. Prabh had an emergency transmission problem with his truck and Mike connected him with a driver that was able to finish delivering the load. So if you need a solid dispatching service or you’ve got a logistics problem to solve, you can call Mike at 443-603-7567 or visit:

I want to thank Dave at Clarksville Trucking for behind such a great member of our car hauling community – and a solid owner operator. And that also goes for Larry of On Demand Auto. He’s got a heart of gold. Thanks to both of you.

I want to thank Bruce of Sunstate Transport for taking the time to talk to us about Auto Transport Trailers. With over 2 decades of intense hands on experience, if you’ve got a question, he’s got the answer. Let me know if you need help contacting him.

Visit Hotshot Dave on YouTube at He’s a hard worker and a smart business man. Like his videos and subscribe to his channel.


There are so many great car transport contacts and auto carriers in the Facebook News section of the show and I want to thank everyone for sharing their info. That’s awesome!

And if you’re a Car Shipping Customer, remember to go easy on the car hauler. It’s a hard job. Have questions? Email me or leave a comment. Want to be my next interview? Contact me or leave a comment.

If by chance your company was mentioned in this live show and you don’t like it, leave a comment, and feel free to take it up with that person directly. This is an open forum and opinions are news. And maybe your opinion will be the next news topic.

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– Jay, The Car Hauling Dispatcher