Does Car Hauler Software Create Auto Transport Automation?

Conversations are common where auto transport brokers tell car hauling businesses that the carrier rate is as high as they can go. And then the carrier finds out what the shipper actually paid for the transport and then the car shipper feels cheated. So how can a car hauling business take back the power of controlling the carrier rates? Can Car Hauler Software help them beyond simply managing auto transport automation?

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From the moment a shipper decides to move a car to the final completion of the transport logistics, how often is time and information copied, lost, or kept away from the carrier? Carriers… is your transport software working for you – or against you?

37:33 Lead-To-Load Data Flow (as created for this show):

For anyone interested in car shipping and auto transport, I highly recommend you check out this logistics list I put together! From the moment a car shipping customer enters their info into an auto transport lead form until the load is ultimately delivered and billed by the transport company, there are currently too many steps and people involved contributing data errors and cost of shipping.

53:50 Dave talks about working with load board brokers like United Road, Cars Arrive, and Ready Logistics

1:28:00 John talks about the pains of faxing a carrier set packet to Central Dispatch – FAXING!

1:46:06 Vinny tells a story about his pain of haggling with a Montway dispatcher

2:18:30 Stan of CarShipIO talks about Car Hauler Software and Auto Transport Automation

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Current Car Hauling Software Companies mentioned in this show include:

CarShipIO mobile app, dispatch dashboard and marketplace
Ship.Cars mobile app and Ship.Cars dispatch dashboard
GoForIt App mobile app
Super Dispatch mobile app and Super Dispatch dashboard
GoPhore software
Central Dispatch
Dealer Track (J Tracker)
Ready Logistics
Cars Arrive Network
United Road Logistics
Acertus (Metrogistics)

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