Central Dispatch Prices + ELD Mandate Cost = Car Hauling Business Loss

Central Dispatch Pricing will increase in 2018 and the 2017 FMCSA ELD Mandate will cost Car Hauling Businesses in excess of $1,000 per year. In addition, Auto Transport Brokers and Car Hauling Dispatchers add additional expenses – which is why so many Owner- Operators and Small Fleet Managers are feeling squeezed by thin profit margins. Where does it end?

Last week was Thanksgiving – and like many other humans that are slowing becoming robots, I was monitoring Facebook messages coming in from drivers, carriers and others working in the Auto Transport industry. That’s when I first heard the terrible news of the day.

Yes, it’s true. Central Dispatch has decided once again (and apparently willy-nilly) to raise their monthly subscription rate to carriers beginning January 1, 2018. Maybe auto transport broker rates went up as well. Maybe company parking was eliminated and the cafeteria demolished – I don’t know.

But raising the rates for Auto Transport Owner-Operators to simply visit a phone book style list of words and numbers at the cost of $115+ per month is outrageous! It’s not fair. Fine, it’s good old American Capitalism to some. But it smells like good old American Greed to nearly everyone on Facebook.

So I talked about the parent company, Cox Automotive. You can visit their website, you look at their brands, go to their learning center – do whatever you want! Heck, see if you can figure out why they’re raising the rates – because nobody else can. Here’s more public information:

CentralDispatch, 26387 Network Place, Chicago, IL 60673-1263, 800-928-7869
Love them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/centraldisp1/ & https://www.facebook.com/CoxAutoInc/
Their own website page brags about stats: 10,500 Carrier Subscribers. Let’s do some math.
10,500 * $105.00 = $1,102,500/month!
10,500 * $115.00 = $1,207,500/month!
Jan 1 2018 increase adds $100,00 per month, over $1M next year. Second yacht – here I come! (No, not you! Just me.)

Oh, and in case you need help “adjusting” your words, here’s a helpful “word” decoder:
f*ck = forklift
f*cker = forklifter
f*cking = forklifting
sh*t = shipper
*ss = readyauto
c*ck = dealer
d*ck = driver
d*mn = dispatcher
b*tch = broker

1Dispatch is FREE. CarsArrive Network is FREE. uShip is FREE. eBay is FREE. Amazon is FREE. (You get the point).

Then I talked about ELDs. Which is basically an egg-timer that ignores reality and tells you it’s time to take another break even if you’re finally in a good working rhythm. No, you don’t know what you’re doing and you can’t be trusted. But this egg timer is a friggin’ genius. Oh, and the middle managers that love this thing – walking egg timers. Winning!

Wait, sorry. Time to take an ELD break. Hang on…


……Ok, thanks for waiting.

FMCSA Registered ELDs list here: https://csa.fmcsa.dot.gov/ELD/List Search for an ELD company and download their user manual before you buy. Make sure they have hardware and app information. Call them at an odd hour and see if they pick up the phone (because you will need support during odd hours).

ELD Devices and pricing compared here: http://eldratings.com/reviews/

KeepTruckin has reasonable pricing and 24 hour support! https://keeptruckin.com/pricing

The word on the street is that PrePass is working with Blue Ink Tech BIT ELD: https://www.blueinktech.com/support.php – check it out.

Visit Truckers Report Car Hauling Forum: https://www.thetruckersreport.com/truckingindustryforum/forums/car-hauler-and-auto-carrier-trucking-forum.393/

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– Jay, The Car Hauling Dispatcher