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Dispatchers serve an important function to carriers. However, many car hauling business owners demonstrate the need to be reminded of whose idea it was to get into the auto transport business in the first place; including, how and why they believed they would be successful. Unfortunately, loading and driving is the easy part. The really hard part is finding good paying loads and navigating all of the problems that come with it. So isn’t it the business owner that should be directing the car hauling business growth? Delegation of that work is vital to the company, but it’s up to the business owner to set the tone and take responsibility for revenue, profitability and customers.

Load boards contain loads, but the load boards are unpredictable. No dispatcher has a crystal ball. The dispatcher does the best job they can to help the carrier stay loaded, but the dispatcher cannot promise or guarantee anything. A hired gun load board dispatcher will do the best they can to keep the truck loaded and make the company money, but the constant stress from the owner to the dispatcher (such as being reminded daily how much the trucking company spends) does not create the ability to suddenly find gold bars. Also, the dispatcher shouldn’t be chasing payment every day. The truck has a GPS, so use that for getting directions. Plus, the owners that also look at the load boards happen to be the ones most likely to succeed.

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32:45 FEATURED INTERVIEW ( Sponsored by Sun Country Trailers ) Ty of CTS Business Coaching joins me to talk about this ongoing “Dispatcher Addiction” phenomenon. Ty explains that he gets a phone call at least once a week from a new car hauling business owner that truly believes that a car hauling dispatcher is all he needs to get loaded and make money. So who said that was true?

1:16:54 DISPATCHER ADDICTION PANEL – Don, owner of 929 Transport, and Sue, owner of Murphy Auto Transport join the live panel to continue the car hauler dispatcher expectations discussion. If you are a trucking company owner and you are regularly telling everyone else about your money problems, then you need to personally help drum up business. This is your company. Why did you get into trucking and car hauling in the first place?

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