Can Auto Transport Brokers & Car Shipping Carriers Get Along?

Too often, in the Auto Transport Industry, Car Shipping Carriers find themselves arguing with Auto Transport Brokers. Whether it’s about Cheap Car Shipping Rates or unrealistic Pick Up and Delivery car shipping time frames. So… Can Auto Transport Brokers & Car Shipping Carriers Get Along?

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27:22 I tell a story about an Auto Transpor Broker that screwed me over last week on a load that was already dispatched to me on Central Dispatch. First they reposted it on central dispatch, then they cancelled it without explanation.

31:33 Brenden shares another negative auto transport broker story where a very large carrier broker in the car hauling industry allegedly threatened him to stay quiet about sharing his opinions on social media along with MANY OTHER CAR HAULERS. This problems dates back to Spring of 2018 – terrible text messages about car haulers that come straight from the auto transport broker owner. What a mess.

48:25 Jake shares a story about a car hauler that told a story at the eleventh hour about a car he couldn’t pick up for reasons that are difficult to understand.

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1:17:30 Melissa from High End Transport is an auto transport broker that believes in understanding the needs of car shipping customers while being fair to the car haulers and carriers. She knows that being a carrier is hard work and that working with dispatchers helps improve the auto transport industry.

As a Car Hauling Dispatcher booking cars on behalf of Car Shipping Carriers, I personally know how difficult it can be trying to work with Auto Transport Brokers that post their load on popular Load Boards like Central Dispatch. Simply put: Car carriers need loads to pay better so they can stay in business and auto transport brokers say the same thing. So either car shipping customer is always searching for unrealistically low cheap car shipping or the auto transport lead generators and the auto transport brokers are driving the rates down and keeping too much of the car shipping money.

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