Automotive Marketing Strategy With Jason & The Ad Coach Geofencing SEO

What’s your business, what’s your story, and why do you love it? If you’re trying to figure out how to begin your Automotive Marketing Strategy, this marketing and advertising show is full of advertising ideas and marketing brainstorming techniques to help you build your business brand. So bring your ideas, take notes, open your mind and let your creativity flow. Here we go.

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27:55 While forging his own car dealership career path, Jason Harris created his own personal brand, “Strategy With Jason” – and he literally creatives online video content every day while he’s working on new digital marketing strategies and advertising projects for his various automotive business clients. Luckily, Jason was kind enough to share his time and online marketing expertise about how we can continue building our own business brands and improve our lead generation techniques. To learn more about Jason, visit:

1:07:40 Don Shulz is known as “The Ad Coach” ( – and he took our online marketing strategy and business brand building discussion to the next level with the recent revolutionary concept of “Geofencing”. As explored in the live panel, geofencing truly affords many different advertising strategies and marketing benefits based around the simple concept of knowing when and where a potential customer is interacting with a location or brand. Ty Thompson of CTS Business Coaching ( also chimed in on how this could be maximized in the auto transport industry.


If you run an auto transport business, you’re building a car hauling business brand – or you work in the Automotive Industry, then you know you need an Automotive Marketing Strategy. Whether you sell cars, move cars, buy cars, or fix cars, you have customers and you need for them to remember you.


Generating new leads and finding new customers is essential, so it’s time to revisit how you’re branding your transport business today. Traditionally, digital marketing for automotive industry companies usually starts with a website. After adding back end tools to manage new customers and generate new leads, online marketing tools can be used to enhance the digital marketing strategy for a car dealership (for example). To continue driving new traffic to the dealership website, social media networking and advertising often play a bigger role over time in expanding the overall automotive marketing strategy. That’s the level Don and Jason are at today.

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✅ READ my Auto Transport Business Startup blog: And hopefully the next time you ship a car you understand what you’re paying for and why.

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