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To start car hauling, a new auto transport business needs to properly match their new car hauling trailer with the right power unit (such as a dually or semi) and be able to obtain the appropriate commercial vehicle insurance policy to keep the business insured and legal. But just how hard is it to pick the right new car hauling trailer and commercial vehicle insurance policy provider – and how expensive will it be?

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To better understand the many moving pieces of the auto transport trailer equation, I invited Bruce of Sunstate Transport to join me for an extended discussion about types of new car hauling trailer manufacturers. We talked bout: Kaufman Trailers, Sun Country Trailers, Cottrell, Wally-Mo, Infinity Trailers, Big Tex, Appalachian Trailers, Take 3 Trailers, and even Imperial Trailer. And specifically for the new car hauling business that just started car hauling, we focused on the 2-car flatbeds, 3-car wedge trailers, and 4-car belly haulers. Bruce even talked about considerations of different brakes, axles, and goosenecks. Clearly his extensive knowledge about types of auto transport trailers and what it takes to succeed in car hauling easily warranted the full hour I kept him talking about new car haulers and their decisions about purchasing the right auto transport business equipment.

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In fact, we also discussed Commercial Vehicle Insurance – because without that, you cannot even start car hauling. Given the high legal risk of being a car hauler in today’s auto transport industry, a car carrier must be insured with $1,000,000 in auto liability insurance and approximately $50,000 cargo insurance per vehicle that the auto transport trailer is able to carry. In addition, Bruce pointed out that many of the larger broker/carriers require $1,000,000 general liability insurance coverage which can be cost prohibitive to many new car hauling businesses. Be sure to consult your insurance agent.

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For my second interview, I spoke with Armando, an insurance agent, about Commercial Vehicle Insurance (visit: ). Every Commercial Vehicle and Motor Carrier on the road must have Auto Liability Insurance and Cargo Insurance – at minimum. We also discussed how many broker/carriers will expect you to also carry General Liability Insurance if you expect to haul cars for them.

Commercial vehicle insurance agent Armando also explained that he helps his clients with Carrier Compliance and New Car Hauling Business Setup procedures. Be sure to ask him how he can help you! Email him: or Call: 909-314-5142 As an insurance agent, his goal is to help you get the right auto liability insurance and cargo insurance for your new car hauling business.

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