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How do you get your Car Hauling News (and do you need any)? Nearly everyone knows the auto transport industry is an enormous (global) marketplace. We’re talking car shippers, auto carriers, car transport brokers, dispatchers, lead generators, car dealerships, auto auctions, car manufacturers, seaports, railroads, overseas shipping companies and assets, insurance companies, trailer manufacturers, truck sales, fleet services, etc.! The vehicle shipping industry employs many thousands of people, requires incredible technology and logistics, and in the U.S. alone generated over $10,000,000,000 last year(that’s billion)! [source:]

So how do you learn about Starting A Car Hauling Business? People do it every day, but where do they get their Car Hauler News? Is there a Car Hauling University (there was in the past)? Can you learn from reading a Car Hauler Blog? Can you get all your answers from an Auto Carrier Trucking Forum? Are you a car hauler if you watch all of the Car Hauler YouTube videos? Some people even post web pages on Auto Transport Topics – but are they just selling something and putting words next to their advertising? Is THAT what THIS is??? (nope).

How about this? Let’s follow The Life Of The Car. “A Car Is Born”. Where? At The Car Manufacturing Plant. Then the car is transported by ship, rail, or transporter – to the car dealership. This is a new car. It’s called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This is called OEM new car hauling – and it’s different from used car hauling.

Then the car is bought, used, and sold. Now it’s a used car. This is where most car haulers start their life as a car hauler. And this is precisely when the new car hauler needs reliable car hauling information and car hauling news. This is what Auto Transport Intel brings to the table every Tuesday Night. This is the car hauler news and these are the auto transport topics that are now you’re car hauling university. This is your hot shot car hauling car trailer forum. This is your car hauling blog, so you can start your car hauling business. This is where you get your car hauling fix every Tuesday night! #LearnCarShipping #WatchAutoTransportIntel #CarHaulingNews

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1:19:45 Are The Auto Transport Carrier Rates On Load Boards UP or Down – or The Same? Ron of NYC Traffic Inc. and Matt of Anytime Towing join the show to discuss what they’re seeing out there.

1:43:30 What’s The State Of The Used Auto Transport Industry in June 2019? Is this a good (or bad) time to be Starting A Car Hauling Business? Ty of CTS Business Coaching and Khris of Khris’s Garage join me Ron of NYC Traffic Inc. to discuss auto transport load boards and customer relationships with shippers and brokers.

✅ START CAR HAULING BUSINESS with CTS (Car Transport Services). Want to succeed in Car Hauling? We care about the Auto Transport Industry! Learn more about CTS Business Coaching at Schedule an appointment or call Ty (right now): 417-483-2764. Email me: autotransportintel at gmail dot com. Thank you.

✅ READ my Auto Transport Business Startup blog: And hopefully the next time you ship a car you understand what you’re paying for and why.

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