Auto Transport Dispatcher Training: Expert Car Hauling Dispatch Advice

Welcome to Part 3 of my Car Hauling Dispatcher Training series (and final part of Auto Transport Dispatch Training) – the “expert” module. To recap, Car Hauling Dispatcher Training part 1 is for the “beginner” – part 2 is for “advanced”. My hope for you is that through my 3 part online free car hauling dispatch training advice video series, your car hauling business can focus on gross revenue instead of figuring out how to successfully book good paying loads.

Free Auto Transport Dispatch Training Tips: Advice for Booking Cars and Searching for Loads

Yes, knowing how to Search Load Boards is a critical part of being a great dispatcher, but so are these 3 key elements:
1) Being a tough negotiator with auto transport brokers about the carrier pay.
2) Being an excellent detective when verifying loads that are dispatched from load boards.
3) Representing the auto transport business you work for as a professional car hauling company.
This is a business and it’s about value. Auto transport loads need to pay well because the car hauling business incurs a large amount of expenses to do this right.

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Online Car Hauling Dispatch Training Course Video Series for Car Hauling Tips & Load Board Training

Car Hauling Dispatch Training part 1 gave an introduction to car hauling and the tools required to be a good dispatcher. I also discussed the Top 5 Auto Transport Load Boards, how to sign up, how to search for loads, and how to pick up the phone and call the auto transport broker. Part 1 also discusses how to put together an auto transport route by searching for loads that can fit together and what the car hauling business and owner-operator are thinking in terms of dispatch training.

Auto Transport Tips, Load Board Training, Free Dispatching Advice & How To Talk To An Auto Transport Broker

A good car hauling dispatch service knows how to find problems in a dispatch sheet immediately after negotiating with the auto transport broker. In fact, finding great paying loads (and being able to walk away if the money isn’t right) is clearly one of the basic tenets of my “advanced” auto transport dispatcher training. [Anybody can book the cheap stuff!] Knowing the various type of auto transport locations is essential and asking important questions about run and drive is vital to dispatching cars that make sense for the transport business. Being able to work with an auto transport broker through the insurance requirements and transport dates brings home the dispatching process and that’s why I make it mandatory to discuss it all during dispatcher training.

Watch this Free Dispatcher Training Course, Online Dispatcher Training, and Free Dispatching Advice

The philosophy and macro view of Part 3 helps bring the world of dispatching back into perspective. Dispatching cars and working with a driver is a team effort. Be one with the dispatch and remember that auto transport is about moving someone’s pride and joy from point A to B. And, of course, getting properly paid for it.


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