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“How do I ask for more money while trying to book loads with auto transport brokers?” That’s a question I get asked at least once a week. It’s also part of the reason I created Auto Transport Intel less than a year ago. My name is Jay and I refer to myself as the Car Hauling Dispatcher. I have worked in Auto Transport as a dispatcher for many years and I have trained my car hauling dispatchers from scratch. While I think most of those folks have moved on to other jobs, I’m hoping no one can say I didn’t try to train them well. And I truly believe it’s because dispatching cars is not for everybody. Car hauling dispatch is hard. For the amount of stress involved in dispatching, it can feel very unrewarding. However, when I am training a new car hauler dispatcher to negotiate with auto transport brokers, I work very hard to answer every question and cover as much information as I can. That’s why this Car Hauling Dispatch Training session – PART TWO!

Imagine you are Sitting at a Poker Table with Lawyers. That’s what it’s like talking to Auto Transport Brokers. It is serious, it is fun, it is unpredictable and you have to be willing to walk away and only accept what makes sense. The Auto Transport Broker has the dispatch for the vehicle you want and you need to get the driver more money. So how are you going to accomplish this goal. The only way to talk to Auto Transport Brokers is to know what they need to hear in order to make that happen. And I’m not talking about nonsense or imaginary promises. These are real world details and you need to make a case on behalf of your driver. Or get out of the deal and call about a differnt load with a different broker. It’s that simple.

Tonight, Mike was my over the phone trainee (watching online with a 7-second delay). The Car Hauling Dispatch Training course material I used was created by me and was presented on a Google spreadsheet. It is not proprietary information and I am sharing it with you freely. I hope it helps you either become a better dispatcher or at least appreciate how difficult it is to train an auto transport dispatcher from scratch. In addition to my oultine, here are some helpful links to loadboards and information I mentioned:

Central Dispatch load board:
Ready Logistics 1Dispatch load board:
CarsArrive Network load board:
MetroGistics load board:
United Road load board:
Reindeer Auto Relocation load board:

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