Auto Transport Broker Jake Free Tips: New Car Shipping Customer Advice

New Car Shipping Customer? Auto Transport Broker Jake gives you Free Auto Transport Advice and Car Shipping Tips for choosing a broker that 1) openly communicates 2) has real industry experience 3) will answer the tough questions and be real with you.

Are you looking for Car Transport Advice? Price is not everything and transportation is unpredictable – so find a company you can trust and that doesn’t ask for a big deposit up front. How about one that will give you their cell phone number?


IT’S NOT TOO LATE! The FMCSA extended the public comment period for proposed regulatory guidance concerning the use of a commercial motor vehicle for personal conveyance to February 20, 2018.





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Did this Auto Transport Advice help you? If so, and if you’re a Car Shipping Customer, remember to go easy on the trucker. It’s a hard job. Have questions – or want to talk to Jake? Email me or leave a comment. Want to be my next interview? Contact me or leave a comment. We love discussing Car Shipping Advice!

If by chance your company was mentioned in this live show and you don’t like it, leave a comment, and feel free to take it up with that person directly. This is an open forum and opinions are news. And maybe your opinion will be the next news topic.

Let’s talk about hiring a car hauler, what to do before you ship a car, finding an auto transporter and what to look for in an auto broker. Car moving tips and help car shipping comments welcome. Thank you!

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