79 Feet… Not enough room to stop.


Total stopping distance for a truck at 30 MPH is 100 Feet.
Total stopping distance for a truck at 40 MPH is 169 Feet
SOURCE: http://www.ortrucking.org/stopping.html

This is a segment of a dashcam video showing a pickup skidding to a stop in front of my truck. The camera is GPS, G-Force, enabled records at 30 Frames Per Second, at 1080P HD… Every Frame is Timestamped to make calculations like this possible, and easy.

Timestamp of the frame when the pickup entered my lane: 01:28.147
Timestamp of the frame on video at moment of impact was: 01:29.617

Total Time from him entering my lane to impact 1.47 Seconds
Video shows my vehicle traveling at 37 MPH at moment he entered my lane.

Total distance traveled from moment he entered my lane to impact 79.7 Feet

Calculated at 37 MPH @ 1.47 Seconds = 79.7 Feet traveled.

That’s less than half the distance needed (at 37 MPH) to stop AFTER I perceived a threat. This wreck was unavoidable the moment the pickup skidded to a stop in my lane.