22 FEB 2010 – Car hits Big Rig in last second maneuver to exit freeway

TURN VOLUME DOWN! Two camera takes.

22FEB2010 1505 PST – I-15 NB JSO I-10 in Ontario, CA. V1 is a 2007 Peterbilt tractor with a 53′ refrigerated trailer in #4 lane from left (lane 1 closed for construction). Speed 53 mph. V1 is equipped with multiple computer controlled video cameras that operate at all times. V2 is late model Nissan Versa sedan, approaches suddenly from #2 lane, striking V1 while attempting to both maneuver and brake in front of V1, apparently attempting a last second exit from I-15 NB to I-10. V2 right rear quarter panel strikes V1 left bumper and hood. V2 spins 270 deg to the right, striking right ramp guard rail, coming to a stop as V1 does, less than one inch from V1 right steer wheel. V1 legally required to remain in #4 lane for travel. V1 is commercial vehicle, and legally prohibited from moving off roadway if unsafe to do so until instructed by law enforcement. This required NB I-15 traffic be slowed by CHP, to allow V2 to move safely away from V1, so both vehicles could exit travel lanes safely. No injuries or fatalities. Secondary accidents occurred behind V1 as a result of other vehicles following too close when V1 had to stop suddenly (not seen, neither V1 or V2 involved or at fault in those).

Please learn from the errors in judgment by V2 driver.

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